One of the goals of this website is to build a vibrant community of similarly-minded people. That is why we decided that a classifieds section is a good way to include all of you, help you find each other and advertise your products and services. Although you may publish any ads you have, we encourage you to keep your classifieds as relevant to the site as possible.
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To help you advertise, we‘ll also select the best of your classified ads and include some of them in our weekly newsletter. Keep in mind, ad space in the newsletters is not for sale. Only best ads hand-picked by team will make it into the newsletter.

Rules of Classifieds

1) Be nice

Even though we‘ll allow you to express yourself freely in your classifieds, ir order to help us and make sure your ad gets published, please use common sense when you write your ad – don‘t use caps lock, no swearing, etc.

2) No spamming.

This one is probably self-explanatory.

3) No affiliate ads

Please post only ads from yourself. Please don‘t post referral links or any ads for third-party products and services.

4) Contact details

Please double check the contact details you share. Reported classifieds will be deleted and not re-published again.